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Memberships offer our lowest cost option for committing to a wellness routine specific to your needs and goals. We also offer great perks for your loyalty and we reward you for investing in your wellness and for referring us to others... It's Free to become a glowspa member but it does require you to purchase a contract for services. To purchase now visit our online store and click on the contracts/packages link right next to the shopping cart or contact us if you have questions.


Select a monthly amount & frequency that fits your budget & then select the service you want each month.

Float Membership:

60 minutes

4/month | $156

2/month | $89

1/month | $49

90 minutes

4/month | $236

2/month | $129

1/month | $69

120 minutes

4/month | $316

2/month | $169

1/month | $89

Bronze Membership:

4/month | $257

2/month | $134

1/month | $69


Organic Face Lift/Contouring | 60 minutes


Signature or Gentleman's | 60 minutes

Body Ritual:

Body Polish | 60 minutes

Body Ritual:

Thai Body | 60 minutes


Signature | 60 minutes


Float | 90 minutes

Silver Membership (includes bronze) :

4/month | $377

2/month | $194

1/month | $99


Signature or Gentleman's | 90 minutes


Signature | 90 minutes


Prenatal | 90 minutes


Chakra Balancing | 90 minutes


Signature | 90 minutes
*Poultice Add On $20

Spa Package Membership:

Drift 180 minutes

4/month | $458

2/month | $233

1/month | $118

Immerse 210 minutes

4/month | $538

2/month | $273

1/month | $138

Indulge 210 minutes

4/month | $578

2/month | $293

1/month | $148

Surrender 240 minutes

4/month | $658

2/month | $333

1/month | $168

Membership Perks

  • Earn Milestone awards for each contract renewal.
  • Once per contract period (every 6 mo) you can bring a guest to enjoy an eligible service at your membership rate.
  • Enjoy any other service once each month at the Student/Military/1st Responder rate
  • 15% off Retail Items

Milestones earn FREE services!

Milestones accrue only for consecutive months paid. These awards are for you to use on yourself or they can be given shared with friends.

  • 6 Months 1- 60 Min Float Or Gift Card to give this as a gift.
  • 12 Months 1- 60 Min Signature Facial or Massage Or Gift Card to give this as a gift.

Milestone terms and conditions

  • Milestones only accumulate for consecutive months paid only no interruptions.
  • Milestones will expire 1 year from the date they were granted & cannot be redeemed for cash.
  • No Substitutions or upgrades to the milestone awards are allowed
  • 4x shared memberships only receive 1 milestone per contract.
  • Gratuities are not included for massage milestones, but they are much appreciated.
**Membership Terms & Conditions:

glowspa reserves the right to cancel the program or modify the offerings without notice, however, once a milestone is earned they will be honored for up to one year after the award date.

  • There are NO start up or membership fees!
  • A minimum 6 month commitment is required on any membership.
  • Contracts will auto-renew until you inform us to cancel it.
  • After 3 months you can cancel at any time hassle free. See cancellation process below.
  • No refunds or credits will be given for the initial 3 month period. Early termination will result in a one-time cancellation fee of 2x your monthly contract rate up to $500.
  • After 3 months you can suspend your contract at any time, but Milestones will not accrue while the contract is not active.
  • Unused/outstanding services will stay on your account for 180 days from the acquisition date. After that they will expire with NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Contracts for 1 or 2x per month are individual memberships and they cannot be shared
  • Contracts for 4x per month memberships can be shared, but the person responsible for the contract is the only person to add or remove a guest from the contract and glowspa must be notified at least 24hrs in advance via email at [email protected] before the scheduled appointment.

Membership Cancellation Process

  • Early canceling will cost you 2x your monthly contract rate
  • After 3 paid months, you can cancel your contract at any time without penalty. When you cancel there is no refund for paid services. At the time of cancellation we will convert your expiration date to 180 days for these services.
  • To cancel please stop in, call 843-388-9195 or email us at [email protected]